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Finding the Best Therapeutic Option For Your Daughter


Asheville Academy is one of the nation’s leading therapeutic programs for struggling teens, designed exclusively for middle-school students ages 10-14, where our students can truly find themselves. We are the right place at the right time for students because we use developmentally appropriate treatments designed specifically for children this age.


Your child’s struggles may have taken a toll on your relationship with them. Throughout your child’s time with us, we work towards rebuilding and restoring the important and special relationship between parent and child.

Our approach to family involvement in the therapeutic process is a huge reason why 80% of our graduates go on to day school and 20% go on to a boarding school.


Our team of master’s level, licensed therapists collaborate with our academic and residential teams to design and implement interventions connected to your child’s master treatment plan. Staff regularly participate in clinical training to better understand and support your child. This allows for program-wide consistency in your child’s treatment.


The animals on campus aren’t just cute things for students to cuddle – they can have powerful healing effects on students and act as resident “animal therapists”. We have a huge variety of animals on campus coming in all sizes and personalities. We have animals as small as baby chicks to as big as a Norwegian Fjord Horse.

All of these animals can help different students build relationship skills that might be intimidating to learn in real-time with a peer or human therapist. Animals can teach students social skills like body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, and reading social dynamics. These animals can also be used to teach students empathy, patience, boundaries, responsibility, forgiveness, hygiene.

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