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Who We Are

One Big Happy Family
Who We Are

Place Of Healing & Friendship

We are a team of caring teachers, therapists and mentors dedicated to serving girls ages 10 – 14. Students arrive on our campus struggling and in need of guidance, and time and time again, we see them transform under our care as they gain new hope, greater understanding, and enhanced confidence and self-awareness.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing many families healed. Nothing compares to the moment when parents arrive on campus and their child comes running to embrace them. With tears of joy streaming down their face, they hold their child close, their hope restored and bond with their child stronger than ever.

These cherished moments are the reason we dedicate our lives to helping young girls.

Asheville Academy is a leading program for struggling girls because we believe in the healing power of a tranquil campus; we have a passionate, experienced staff; we offer clinical excellence that meets the needs of our students; and we have an exceptionally caring and nurturing community.

Years of Collective Experience Helping Girls

What We Hope Our Students Will Gain

from Their Time With Us

Restore Academic Confidence

During their time with us, students take part in a  small, supportive classroom environment that encourages confidence and success in the classroom by catering to the individualized learning style of each student.  

Rebuild Relationships

Girls build social skills, restore family relationships, establish healthy boundaries with technology and social media, develop stronger communication skills, and envision success in relationships.

Renew Hope

Parents see a brighter future as their daughters learn how to overcome academic, social and emotional challenges, set and reach goals, and create a world filled with friendship, laughter, and positive experiences.

Build Resilience

In our supportive, nurturing environment students learn to advocate for their needs, recover and overcome from setbacks, and build impulse control as they become more mature and resilient.

Create Success

Girls build their confidence through incremental progress, positive psychology which reminds them of their strengths, and activities that allow girls to challenge themselves in a safe environment.

Develop Thoughtfulness

Your daughter will become more aware of the thoughts and feelings of others, and develop genuine thankfulness through service work, community work, equine assisted therapy, reflection, and goal-setting.

A Letter From Our Executive Director

Welcome to Asheville Academy
Thanks for Your Interest

“I have dedicated my life to working with students who are struggling with the pressures of middle school. There is nothing more powerful than seeing our young girls blossom into happy, successful young women.

We are dedicated to helping young girls grow and thrive by instilling the skills they need to form meaningful relationships, academic success and personal happiness. We would be honored to help your daughter blossom here as so many have before.”

– Cat Jennings

Executive Director & Owner

Value-Driven Programming

The Values that Inspire Us

Always try to do the right thing.

We recognize that as role models for children, we absolutely must strive to always do what is right. Honest and ethical practices are the standard of all our relationships. Our moral compass guides us in all our actions, which should pass the test of full transparency and increase the pride we take in our work.

We own what we do.

Through word and deed, we demonstrate forthright and truthful actions. We hold ourselves to the moral, legal and professional standards of our code of ethics. By being transparent about our performance and through our accreditations, we demonstrate a sense of accountability that makes us trusted by families and others in our field.

Our first priority is the student and her family.

We try to provide superior care to achieve superior outcomes. We provide our fellow employees with the necessary tools and resources to deliver exceptional results. We steward our resources, foster innovation, and learn from every interaction. As a result, we attempt to meet and exceed the expectations of all families.

We are committed to being the best.

This effort is demonstrated through our actions, attitude, work ethic, and relationships. We know that excellence has no finish line and only through continuous improvement will we excel. We listen attentively to our families, students, employees, and communities, as they will help define excellence. We have committed ourselves to this endeavor because they deserve no less.