The Truth About Depression in Girls

Depression can be a scary word. It can be even scarier when you are a parent. When you think about depression, what immediately comes to mind? Constant crying? Sitting alone in a dark room? This may be a reality for some people who struggle with depression. The reality is, depression in girls can manifest itself in many ways. As a parent, it is crucial to understand the difference between stereotypes of depression and reality.

The Dangers of Stereotyping Depression in Girls
We often equate depression with sadness. Because of this, some parents may dismiss signs of depression as just their teen being moody or sad. While it is typical for teens to experience mood swings, depression is much more serious. There may be long periods of time where the teen feels despondent or alone. They may also experience low self esteem or social isolation.

Parents may also assume that their teen will reach out if they are struggling, but many teens are afraid of being labeled as “dark” or “scary” if they receive a diagnosis of depression. It is important for teens to feel comfortable talking to an adult about their mental health. By opening the lines of communication, we can help remove the negative stigma around depression.

The Truth About Depression
Depression may seem like an adult problem, but according to the Anxiety And Depression Association of America, about 3 percent of children 6-12 experience depression. The number increases to 8 percent as they enter the teen years. There are many avenues of treatment for depression in girls, such as therapy, residential treatment or medication. Teens need to understand that depression is not something that they’ve just made up in their head. It is not something shameful. And it’s actually more common than they may realize.

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