From Troublemakers to Bookworms: Exceptional Academics at a Therapeutic Boarding School

Is your daughter struggling in school? Is she falling behind in her classes due to a learning disability or some other behavioral struggle? Or is she excelling academically, but is having difficulties with behavioral or emotional issues?   Academics at Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for young girls, caters to the needs of a variety of learning styles and academic strengths and weaknesses.

The supportive, nurturing environment of a therapeutic boarding school provides girls who struggle in traditional school settings with a chance to work through whatever is contributing to their academic issues. It also helps girls who already excel academically continue their path towards success.

Benefits of Academics at a Therapeutic Boarding School

The benefits of an academic program at a therapeutic boarding school are numerous. Here are just a few reasons why the academic program of a therapeutic boarding school like Asheville Academy might be beneficial to your daughter:

  • Personalized academic program: At Asheville Academy, the academic plan for each student is carefully crafted to suit each student’s specific learning style and academic needs.
  • Caring, supportive teachers: Each member of the academic staff at Asheville Academy is highly trained and truly cares about each and every one of our students. Academic staff take the time to get to know each student in order to evaluate and form a personalized academic plan for each student.
  • Accredited academics: Asheville Academy offers an accredited academic program, meaning that your daughter’s credits will transfer back to a traditional school setting after transitioning out of Asheville Academy.
  • Small class sizes: The average class size at Asheville Academy is 8 students for every teacher. Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention that will help your daughter find academic success.
  • A program designed to help different learning styles: Multiple special education professionals on our staff provide one-on-one support in order to evaluate the best way for each individual student to excel in the classroom.

Asheville Academy can help your daughter find success

Asheville Academy, a residential treatment center in a traditional school setting for girls 10-14, helps teen girls struggling with anxiety, depression and other emotional and behavioral issues. If your daughter is struggling, consider sending her to Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school. With a caring staff and a clinically based program, Asheville Academy can help your daughter find success.

For more information about Asheville Academy, contact us today at 800.264.8709.