Troubled Girls and AFAB Year-Round Program at Asheville Academy

Parents often seek summer camp options for their child to address issues relating to unique social, emotional, developmental and academic needs.  While the length of stay at Asheville Academy is flexible, our outcomes demonstrate that the long term benefits of stays less than 6 months are negligible because short term participants generally don’t invest in the work, and there is too little time to practice and internalize new skills.  For this reason, long term treatment will always be more effective and ultimately a better value than a short term therapeutic summer camp.

Most parents agree is it better to provide additional opportunities for emotional growth, skill building, and therapeutic treatment than to provide not enough.  For this reason, parents seeking “summer only” options should keep in mind the ultimate treatment goal and keep a long term perspective on the treatment journey for their child.

Sometimes parents will enroll their child pre-summer at Asheville Academy to salvage the remainder of the school year, then re-assess the need for continued treatment at the end of the summer.   You can also enroll your child at the beginning of the summer and continue their treatment for the remainder of the following school year.  We are confident that once you see the campus, meet with the clinical team, and get a complete understanding of our treatment process you will agree that a longer term stay would be the best investment in your child’s health and happiness.

Our experienced therapeutic staff will guide them along every step of their journey.  Your child will return home with more confidence, and trust in themselves.  To give your child and your family the best chances at lasting changes we are now enrolling for our year round program through the summer. We have found that with a longer stay we can help heal families struggling with behavioral issues.

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