Tips for Recognizing Attachment Disorders in Children

Attachment disorders in children are most prevalent among those who are adopted or have experienced trauma or neglect; which means its development is possible for many, many children. It can be hard to tell if an attachment disorder is what your child is suffering from, though, if one doesn’t know the symptoms and risks associated with attachment disorders in children.

Risks for development of attachment disorders in children

It can often be hard to recognize if your child is struggling with an attachment disorder, which makes it important to know the risks associated with attachment disorders in children. If your child has lived in a type of children’s home, jumped from caregiver to caregiver for a period of time, is adopted, was separated from parents/caregivers for long duration for medical or other reasons, has a mother with postpartum depression, or has experienced past neglect or trauma, they are at a higher risk of developing an attachment disorder.

Symptoms of attachment disorders in children

Along with knowing the risks, it’s imperative to also know the symptoms. Knowing these will allow you to watch out for uncommon behavior and catch it before they mature into adulthood. Some symptoms associated with attachment disorders include:

  1. Control problems: frequent defiant, disobedient, argumentative behavior
  2. Aversion to touch or physical interaction: any physical touch taken as a threat, rarely positive
  3. Difficulty in showing genuine affection or care: lack of boundaries around strangers, but little to no affection for parents
  4. Anger issues: Tantrums/acting out, manipulative/passive-aggressive behavior
  5. Underdeveloped conscience: Show little guilt/regret after behaving badly

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