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Therapeutic Summer Semester for Girls

Asheville Academy announces Therapeutic Summer Semester
Therapeutic boarding school for girls and AFAB ages 10 – 14 creates an innovative summer program designed to build self-confidence through
adventure-based therapeutic intervention.
Asheville Academy Therapeutic Summer Semester

“Our team has created a vibrant atmosphere of challenge and success with constant support from trained, caring individuals to help our ladies build skills and experience success,” commented Dr. Michelle Lechman, Clinical Director.Asheville, NC (PRWEB) April 30, 2012
Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens ages 10 – 14, continues to lead the field of therapeutic boarding schools by designing a unique summer learning experience. The Therapeutic Summer Semester is designed to help young people by improving leadership skills, developing healthy relationships, resolving conflict, improving self-image, increasing self-confidence, and building a strong foundation for future growth and success.“Our school is in a very active and vibrant community in Asheville” commented Executive Director Bryan Tomes. “So many of the unique experiences this area provides are grounded in adventure and challenge. We recognized that this was a perfect situation for creating a summer experiential learning module for helping young people take a step forward.”

Research has shown that people who work on challenging issues often say they know what they ought to do, but do not execute. The theory behind experiential therapy is that experience can translate to a deeper level of knowing especially for young teens who are not developmentally ready to internalize talk therapy. Asheville Academy utilizes research that shows if something is revealed or practiced while an action is taking place it is more likely to be remembered.

There are four basic concepts Asheville Academy’s Therapeutic Summer Semester seeks to nurture; self-motivated learning, development of trust and confidence in themselves,  learning how to navigate and achieve as part of a group, and discovering the potential for being a lifelong- learner.

“In my experience, young teens learn best through doing,” commented Dr. Michelle Lechman, Clinical Director, “Our team has created a vibrant atmosphere of challenge and success with constant support from trained, caring individuals to help our students build skills and experience success.”

Asheville Academy‘s Therapeutic Summer Semester runs from June 17th to July 28th. Each week will consist of multiple electives, including archery, swimming, orienteering, foraging, gardening, climbing and bouldering, whitewater rafting and kayaking. There are core academic classes focused on improving writing and math skills. Music, dance, and art will be part of the fun. Each week will end with a team building challenge activity.

“Our primary goal in our boarding school for troubled teens is to help develop lifelong skills  and support the successful transition back to  the student’s home school in the fall,” continued Mr.Tomes,”We believe our integrative approach of combining  summer adventure and experiential learning will reinforce our primary mission in helping change the lives of our young teens.”

For information about the Academic program at Asheville Academy, or more general information on this boarding school for troubled teens, please contact Bryan Tomes, Executive Director at (800) 264–8709.


Asheville Academy is a leading therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls 10 – 14 years old. Founded by professionals with over 75 years experience in designing and operating therapeutic placements for adolescent girls and AFAB, Asheville Academy is working to become the international leader in emotional, behavioral, and academic interventions for young teens. Asheville Academy is a member of the
North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education, Small Boarding School Association, and a candidate with CARF International. For additional information please visit or call (800) 264-8709.

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