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Students entering Asheville Academy often have a history of academic struggles including school refusal, learning differences, lack of effort, or defiance. These surface behaviors often mask underlying stressors such as social isolation, bullying or feelings of being overwhelmed. Our girls greatly benefit from being in therapeutic schools.


In order to help your child succeed academically, we’ve designed a small, supportive learning environment, that takes individual learning needs into account. We begin by assuring that each student has the tools they need in order to achieve: effective note-taking an study strategies, organizational and time management skills, and stress management. In addition, foundations in reading, writing, and mathematics are developed and practiced in tandem with 21st century abilities to research, assess validity and bias in sources, think critically, collaborate, and communicate.


We have removed the negative elements of the traditional school environment: cookie-cutter teaching, overcrowded classes, and social cliques, all of which act as barriers to a student’s self-esteem, self-efficacy, and academic success. Our ultimate goal at Timbersong Black Mountain is to provide a structured and supportive learning community in order to empower students by fostering a positive relationship to learning while maintaining a rigorous standards-based curriculum.

Why Choose Asheville Academy? 

Right Time. Right Place.

Academic programming appropriate for students ages 10-14.

We Don’t Just Talk About It.

Students take part in hands-on learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 

It’s All About Relationships. 

In the classroom, students are supported in developing positive relationships with peers and teachers. 

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Accredited Curriculum

How do you help with school refusal?

Behavior is a communicator, and school refusal is no exception. When a student refuses to attend school, they are indicating that something is damaged in their relationship to school, or to surrounding circumstances. It may be that their learning needs are not being met, or that they are becoming overwhelmed as expectations grow. It may be that they are being bullied, or are having trouble ‘fitting in.’ It may be the only way (or one way) they know how to get attention. At AAG we uncover the hidden message, and work to rebuild relationships to self, family, peers, as well as to schooling itself.

Why does my child underperform?

If your child is under-performing academically, there are many potential causes:

  • Undiagnosed or mistreated learning difference
  • Lack of study skills
  • Improper utilization of your child’s core intelligences
  • Using school as a form of rebellion
  • Sensory processing or social/emotional issues

No matter the challenge, Asheville Academy is here to help, and in most cases, has a proven track record of helping students with this challenge succeed in school.

Will my child fall behind?

No, and oftentimes we can faciliate credit recovery for those that may fall behind. Often, students that struggle in traditional academic environments thrive within our smaller, more personalized classroom setting. In addition, we have qualified teachers who are dedicated to seeing each child under their care succeed within our academic program which is accredited by AdvancED.

Can my child start in the middle of a school year?

Absolutely. We provide rolling admissions for new students year round and will work directly with your child’s home school to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Do you have classrooms?

Yes, we have five separate buildings for each major subject area and electives. Our homey classrooms are each located in a separate building spread across our forested academic hill, allowing students to focus and avoid distractions. Each class-building is named for an accomplished woman in the field of the content area taught there.

Is this online or “packet” work?

No, all of our core classes are taught by direct-instruction by qualified teachers. We have a fully accredited school onsite with content teachers offering an intimate, personalized academic environment where your child can receive the attention they need to succeed.

Can they receive honors credit?

Yes, as an accredited institution with teacher-led classes (not packet work), we focus on 6th-9th grade academic standards. For those requiring advanced work, students work with their teacher individually to receive honors credit while still maintaining an overall focus on making the emotional and behavioral changes that brought them to us.

What is the traditional school day?

Students are in a full day of classes Monday through Thursday from 9 am – 4 pm. Fridays are reserved for electives, personal growth curriculum, and community service projects. We have qualified teachers delivering curriculum approved by AdvancED.


Accredited, Supportive, Personal

With smaller classes capped at 8 students and a therapeutic approach to education, our academics help your child succeed.

Academic Gold Standard

Credits earned at Asheville Academy are fully transferable to all public and private educational institutions across the country.