When choosing among therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens from Florida families frequently pick North Carolina’s beautiful mountains for their wonderful weather, peaceful setting and history as a place of healing.   Asheville Academy, one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens from Florida, is a private boarding school campus on 50 acres in a mountain valley of western North Carolina. Our therapeutic setting offers girls and AFAB ages 10-14 a chance to break out of the stress and patterns of their current life, opening the opportunity for change and for developing new ways of managing their difficulties. DSC_1555_smallFamilies discover that their child thrives here, surrounded by similar girls seeking change. Every aspect of what we do is therapeutic, designed to inspire self awareness and confidence. The days are filled with activity, volunteerism, academics, therapy and a sense of community that helps each child learn to deal with stress and find their potential for success in every aspect of their life.   Our residential, academic, administrative and clinical teams work together seamlessly, combinining decades of experience in the therapeutic boarding school approach that fills Asheville Academy with understanding, hope, compassion, and a family-like atmosphere.   If you’ve been struggling to help your young teen, you may not know where to turn next. It’s hard to watch your child struggle and get lost in the transition to young adulthood.   Asheville Academy is the therapeutic boarding school Florida families choose to find the happiness they’ve been hoping for, and we would love to help yours, too.   To learn more about the team and wonderful private campus at Asheville Academy, please call us toll free today at (800) 264-8709, or fill out the form to the right, and we will be in touch with you.

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