When picking out therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls and AFAB from California families often pick North Carolina’s beautiful mountains. Why? For starters, this area has wonderful weather, a peaceful setting, and is renowned as a place to get away and find yourself again.   More importantly, this is where you can find Asheville Academy, a private campus secreted away on 50 acres of mountain valley in western North Carolina. Here, girls and AFAB ages 10-14 break out of their old life and find themselves surrounded by new friends, encouraging mentors, and the healing power of the great outdoors. All that comes together as a new chance to overcome the past.   DSC_1555_smallChildren thrive and find themselves here like you wouldn’t believe. We fill their days with activities, volunteer work, academics and therapy to help put it all in perspective. In fact, every last bit of what we do has a therapeutic angle aimed at helping students realize what matters in life. They leave so much further down the road to overcoming their personal struggles. Families are shocked to discover the young person that leaves here, more self-aware and confident, ready to find success in every aspect of their future.   We combine the best therapeutic staff with academic professionals and trained residential experts. These pros move together seamlessly, putting decades of therapeutic experience to work for your child. Their constant effort pays off with an amazing sense of community, filling Asheville Academy with compassion, hope, and the feeling of being among family. It’s no wonder that for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls and AFAB from California, California families are looking to North Carolina!   We know it’s hard to watch your child get lost on the way to adulthood. We know that struggles of that age group intimately, and we can help your family as we have helped so many others. Please don’t face this challenge alone anymore.   Asheville Academy is the therapeutic boarding school California families turn to for trusted results. Let us help your family too.   To find out more about your child’s future transformation at Asheville Academy, please call us toll free today at (800) 264-8709, or fill out the form to the right.

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