Therapeutic Boarding Schools for struggling Girls and AFAB from Pennsylvania

When in need of therapeutic boarding schools  struggling girls and AFAB from Pennsylvania and their families often look down the beautiful Appalachian mountains to western North Carolina, a known refuge for anyone seeking peace, quiet, and personal transformation.   There, Asheville Academy , a therapeutic boarding school for struggling girls and AFAB from Pennsylvania, is located on a serene 50 acre private campus tucked between the mountains. It’s an ideal therapeutic setting for adolescents ages 10-14 to get away from it all and start over. Far away from the habits of day-to-day life, your child can find the time and encouragement they need to reflect about the direction their life is going and where they want to be. Under the guidance of an expert team of therapists and staff counselors, they can find themselves again.   DSC_1555_smallHere, they can make new friends – other students like her, starting over and growing into themselves. They’ll spend the weeks together gaining a new confidence that will surprise you, and perspective about what’s important in life. We’ll help them learn their own strengths and catch up academically, while participating in character-building activities and volunteer work. Everything we do has a therapeutic value – our ultimate goal is always to show students how to move past their struggles and see the potential for a healthy, successful future.   You can trust our team and their combined decades of experience in therapeutic boarding schools. Each of them are trained professionals, whether on the the academic, administrative, or therapeutic staff. Moreover, every one of them works in partnership to build our understanding, compassionate, encouraging atmosphere.  Don’t face your family’s struggles alone anymore! Asheville Academy is the therapeutic boarding school Pennsylvania families trust when local options just won’t do. Let us help you.   To learn more, call us toll free today at (800) 264-8709, or fill out the form to the right, and we will contact you soon.

We help struggling girls and AFAB from Pennsylvania from places like: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Allentown, Erie, Reading, Upper Darby

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