When comparing therapeutic boarding schools  for struggling girls and AFAB from Maryland,  parents look to North Carolina. This beautiful area is known not only for its stunning wilderness and great weather, but also as a place to get away and find yourself.   Here is where you’ll find Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for struggling girls and AFAB from Maryland, hiding away on 50 acres of western North Carolina valley, changing the lives of young people ages 10-14 in a big way. Teens break away from the distractions of normal life here, breathe in the mountain air, and take in the healing power of the great outdoors. Surrounded by positive adult mentors and new friends who are also looking to turn a new leaf, girls get the chance they deserve to move towards a brighter future.   struggling girls from MarylandSimply put, young people thrive in the environment we provide. Families come back stunned to discover the new young person their child has become. Our secret is filling every day with therapeutic activities, volunteer work, and counseling sessions. The exciting new lifestyle encourages children to open up about their problems and make brave emotional steps towards well-being, which we help them do every step of the way. Girls and AFAB leave their time here with a new self-confidence and the emotional awareness to handle life’s curve balls. Our staff combines decades of experience. Everyone from our therapists to the teachers and residential life experts will work with your child as a team. They move in unison to fill this place with a feeling of community and family, making sure every girl and AFAB feels encouraged and filled with hope and purpose. Their professionalism and dedication are the real reason that among therapeutic boarding schools Maryland families choose us. It hurts to see your child struggling. Asheville Academy is the therapeutic boarding school Maryland families turn to. Find out more by calling us toll free today at (800) 264-8709, or by filling out the form to the right. We help struggling girls and AFAB from Maryland from places like: Baltimore, Annapolis, Silver Spring, Rockville, College Park, Gaithersburg, Ocean City

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