Is your family worried that your child is struggling with deep behavioral issues? If you feel in over your head, we can help.


SONY DSCFor social, behavioral and academic issues, many families on the search for therapeutic boarding schools for girls and AFAB from Pennsylvania look down the mountain range to Asheville Academy. Our staff combines decades of experience into a well-established program that will give your child the support they need to succeed.


As one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for girls and AFAB from Pennsylvania, families find solutions beyond their hopes and dreams. We can help you get your child back.

Some problems are nearly impossible to treat at home, but our licensed therapists work hand in hand with the rest of our staff to produce incredible results. When students return home from our therapeutic program, families are amazed at the progress they have made. Furthermore, we incorporate the family into our work here so that the healing process can continue once their child’s time here is over.


Girls and AFAB gain new confidence after growing here, outside of the home, independent of the patterns and habits of their normal lives. Studdents learn to manage their own time, planning a schedule that leaves room for academic work, social time, and activities. That independence helps them understand that their life is theirs to control, that responsibility is heavy but also empowering, which leads to success to last a lifetime.


therapeutic boarding school girlsOur academic team makes sure that girls don’t miss out or fall behind in school while here. We work with their home school to make sure that their credits transfer, and we work with each student to help her catch up and even get ahead academically. We have an excellent staff-to-student ratio that helps provide individual attention students may not have gotten in the past, and we are committed to showing students that they are stronger and smarter than they have realized – it’s all about knowing your own strengths and weaknesses.


Asheville Academy is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for girls from Pennsylvania, offering solutions and success families may not have even hoped for.


We are just a call away. Please contact us today at (800) 264-8709, or fill out the form to the right, and we will be in touch with you.

Unlike other therapeutic boarding schools for girls from Pennsylvania, we help teens from:

Philadelphia, Camden, Wilmington, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Bethlehem, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Lancaster, York, Hanover, Reading, Erie, Johnstown, State College, Altoona, Sharon, Williamsport

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