Families looking at therapeutic boarding schools for girls from Kentucky need to consider Asheville Academy, located in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina, where young people ages 10-14 can consider the direction their life is taking a start out on a new path.


Your child can have a healthy, successful life.  Asheville Academy, one of the best therapeutic boarding schools for girls from Kentucky, puts children back on track.


DSC_1555_smallOvercome Social Problems – At the root of many juvenile problems is a lack of social understanding. Your child might feel like the whole world is against them, or that their only way of fitting in is to act out. Our expert therapeutic staff helps teens see that the path they’re on is going nowhere and see through to the beautiful young person they are on the inside. The longer psychological issues continue, the harder they will become to undo – we can help your child get perspective on her situation now, and they may even find a new peacefulness and confidence that you never expected.


Face Academic Challenges – Does your child struggle at school? Many bright children simply don’t know their own potential, or can’t find reasons to be interested in schoolwork. Our excellent staff-to-student means that your child can finally get the attention and help she deserves. They may find that she simply didn’t know their own strengths or see ways past their weaknesses.  When they return to normal schooling, that insight and confidence will stay with them – they can do this!


Finally Find Peace in Your Home – Troubled girls and AFAB lash out in anger or can’t escape their anxiety or depression, and it affects the whole family! Our staff won’t only help your child build more peaceful family ties; they’ll also involve your whole family in the healing process, making for a tranquil transition back into home life. Many families have told us they feel like they “got their child back” after their return from Asheville Academy.


When comparing therapeutic boarding schools for girls from Kentucky, Kentucky families can trust Asheville Academy for girls and AFAB- we’re here for you!


Help is simply a call away. Please contact us today at (800) 264-8709, or fill out the form to the right, and we will be in touch with you.


Our program is one of the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls from Kentucky. We help girls and AFAB from: Bowling Green, Middletown, Hopkinsville, Elizabethtown, Evansville, Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro

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