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Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls

We are a specialty therapeutic boarding school focused on helping 10-14 year-old Girls

What makes Asheville Academy one of the best therapeutic boarding schools?

Asheville Academy is located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. We are one of the nation’s leading therapeutic boarding schools for girls ages 10-14 and help families from all over the country. Our program is accredited by AdvancED and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to allow for the highest level of care. With an accredited academic program, the classes we offer are consistent with local curriculum and credits transfer to any school our students return to. Asheville Academy stands out from other therapeutic boarding schools due to their holistic and experiential approach that helps girls thrive in multiple areas of their lives, not just in school.

Why Choose a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Boarding schools are a great alternative for girls who are struggling socially and academically in a traditional school setting. Therapeutic boarding schools, like Asheville Academy, acknowledge that a lot of problems in the classroom are associated with other emotional and behavioral issues that appear outside of the classroom as well. While boarding schools provide a supportive environment for troubled girls to learn and develop close relationships with their peers, alternative therapeutic boarding schools balance accredited academics with therapeutic support.

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Why this age group?

Middle school is a difficult period for many young girls as they go through puberty, change friend groups, and begin to explore their personal identity. Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls ages 10-14 struggling with emotional or behavioral issues that have made this transition harder. Our small, close-knit family program focuses exclusively on the unique developmental needs of younger, preteen girls.  

In middle school, bullying, insecurity, body image issues, and social anxiety are common. Instead of building confidence and strengthening relationships, many girls feel isolated and push away family members and their friends to deal with negative school experiences on their own. Hormonal changes in puberty can intensify negative emotions and make it difficult for girls to be aware of their emotions. Therapeutic boarding schools offer a built-in support system for girls struggling with emotional issues and provide a space for girls to learn how to communicate their feelings with others. 

Separating middle school girls ages 10-14 from older troubled teens protects them from issues they have not been exposed to yet. This age group benefits from developmentally appropriate therapies that focus on play, recreation, and creativity to help girls build emotional awareness, rather than relying on talk therapy.

Building Resiliency and Confidence

Our therapists provide personalized treatment plans for each child

Is Asheville Academy the right choice for your daughter?

Parents report that their girl’s troubling behavior starts at home and then begins to creep into their school and social life.

Many Asheville Academy parents report their girls can sabotage family efforts to move forward or make a decision.

Perhaps school has become so socially challenging or emotionally complex she may be looking for ways to avoid attending. She may not reach out to friends or participate in clubs and instead, she retreats more into electronics or books.

Sometimes families comment that school is difficult for their child and is starting to worsen.

Parents often mention that their child doesn’t have friends or has only one or two close friends and can be too demanding or controlling in those relationships.

Asheville Academy Helps Meet Your Daughter’s Individual Needs

Every student comes to us with different strengths, abilities, needs, and goals. This is why a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Our treatment team collaborates with students and their families to create personalized treatment plans that integrate individual, group, family, and equine therapy. With small class sizes, separate cabins for each team of girls, and small processing groups, we are able to give each girl more individual attention.

  • Learning New Coping SkillsWhile they may have turned to destructive coping skills in the past, we don’t believe our students are “troubled.” By discussing what needs their unhealthy behaviors have tried to meet, girls practice applying healthier coping skills when faced with overwhelming situations
  • Finding Academic Success Asheville Academy focuses on helping students build study skills and explore their personal learning style. Our accredited academic program offers individualized learning support and hands-on learning opportunities for girls who struggle with staying focused and engaged with the curriculum in a traditional school setting.
  • Developing Relationships As many of the girls we work with struggle with social anxiety, attachment issues, and a history of bullying or social rejection, we focus on helping them form healthy relationships. This includes talking about what healthy relationships look like and becoming a support system for their peers. Our staff are available around-the-clock to provide consistent care and support.


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