Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teens from Raleigh

When families in Raleigh need a therapeutic boarding school for their child, they look to Asheville Academy.   Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens from Raleigh, is a private 50-acre escape for girls and AFAB ages 10-14, located in a beautiful scenic mountain valley in western North Carolina. We specialize in working with girls and AFAB of this age group, empowering them to stop destructive patterns in their lives and develop a new, strong, healthy identity.


What Asheville Academy Offers: Caring, Professional Staff. Our team of leading therapists, teachers, and administrators have decades of experience working with this age group. Each of our highly qualified staff members is dedicated to your child’s success. They model respectful communication, provide structure and guidance, and inspire our students to strive for greatness. Home-Like Atmosphere. Troubled teens from Raleigh and their families choose our therapeutic boarding school because here their child can feel like they’re among family. We cultivate an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. Our students don’t feel like they have to change because there’s anything wrong with them. We show them instead that the path to health and happiness is always nearby, and that caring people are there to help them find it. Personal Growth. Your child will spend their time at Asheville Academy pursuing a higher sense of self. Through intentional activities, therapy, and volunteer work, they will gain self awareness and hope to build their own future. Everything that happens here is viewed through a therapeutic lens, helping make the most of every moment for each student’s positive growth.   When your child needs a fresh start, please consider Asheville Academy. Our program succeeds where others lead to limited short-term results. We have helped families much like yours get their child back.   Our counselors are ready today to answer your questions and help you determine if our therapeutic boarding school is the best fit for your troubled teens from Raleigh. To learn more, please call (800) 264-8709 or fill out the form on the right side of this page. We look forward to helping you!

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