Parents looking for a therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls and AFAB from Virginia turn to Asheville Academy.   Many parents looking for a solution for their troubled girls and AFAB from Virginia turn to Asheville Academy because we help girls with a wide range of challenges. Our intimate program set in the North Carolina country side allows troubled girls and AFAB from Virginia struggling with behavioral and social issues to reset and find solutions to complex problems.   Often parents contact us in a point of struggle. Parents are at wits end and looking for outside help and we are able to give them answers and help them get their child back.   From issues socially, to problems in the home, to poor academic performance we have helped families to find success.   Our continuum of care and constant communication helps every one of our therapeutic staff stay on the same page to help move your child forward. If their challenges are behavioral we help them to stay on track and feel supported to develop skills and coping mechanisms to overcome what challenges them.   We work with the family unit on campus, and at home to keep parents up-to-date on their child’s progression. Often times parents have tried everything in their power to move their children in the right direction, we help this. Our therapeutic boarding school for girls and AFAB Virginia families come to campus for visiting days and receive constant updates on how their children are progressing.   Academically we have a large team created to meet the needs of all our students. From custom academic planning, to one-on-one tutoring we have the experience and passion to help all of our students find success.   If you have questions about our program please contact us today, 1-800-975-6565

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