• Are you looking for a place to help your daughter succeed?
  • Are you at a loss on what you can do to help your daughter succeed?
  • Do you feel stressed out and unknowing as to where your daughter’s future lies?

Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls North CarolinaAt Asheville Academy for girls we help parents find answers to these complex issues.  We work in different ways to help your daughter feel like a success socially, academically, and physically.

Socially– We have a relationship based approach at Asheville Academy for girls that allows our team of clinicians to work with our residential staff, and academic team to give a complete continuum of care only found at our therapeutic boarding school for girls in North Carolina.  We work with home therapists to help make sure that the success your daughter makes with us is transitioned home. We also run family workshops and make routine calls to families to give parents the skills necessary to support their daughter’s once they return home.

Academically – Asheville Academy teacher’s know that education is key to helping our girls be successful in the future.  We work with Individual Education Plans.  Often times we can keep the same rigor as our girl’s home school, and in many cases we can help them to make up time lost in home schools.

Physically – The mind and the body work as one so for us it just makes sense to keep the girls on a healthy diet, and exercise regiment.  We find that many challenges are overcome through finding routine and balance.  Offering healthy, in house prepared meals created in coordination with our own registered dietitian helps girls to learn the benefits of eating well. Our large campus works wonders to help keep staff and students active, from the walk to and from the dorms to the classroom, to playing on our athletic fields our girls are always moving.

Give us a call to learn more about our Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls in North Carolina, (800) 264-8709

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