Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls and AFAB from Georgia


It is agonizing for any family when you realize that your child needs more help than you can give them. As a result, it is better in many cases to send the child away to a highly structured environment away from Georgia where they will receive the treatment they need round the clock. Our school works with our students to get their academics back on track as well. Our therapeutic boarding school for girls and AFAB from Georgia, families find solutions and changes they never imagined were possible.



Asheville Academy a therapeutic boarding school for girls and AFAB from Georgia ages 10 – 14, uniquely designed for young teens who are struggling with life’s demands. This is a special and often challenging time in a young teen’s life with physical and emotional changes.

  • Build self-esteem
  • Become more capable in understanding their feelings, needs and communicating them to your family appropriately
  • Learn to respect adults and work cooperatively with your family
  • Follow rules and expectations
  • Manage their emotions and advocate for them in a healthy way
  • Improve their social skills to be better equipped to read social situation including making and keeping friends


At Asheville Academy, our girls and AFAB enjoy an organized day mixed with activities and education.  Every aspect of what we do helps girls to develop healthier habits and improved coping and management skills.

Asheville Academy helps young girls and AFAB from cities in Georgia like:

Atlanta, Marietta, Augusta, Savannah, Athens, Macon, Alpharetta

To learn more about how we can help your family, please give us a call today at (800) 264-8709.

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