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Learning and Growing Through Dramatic Arts

Setting the Stage For Confidence & Success

Theatre Programming at Asheville Academy

Theatre class at Asheville Academy for Girls is one of the most beloved aspects of the academic program. Drama classes have been proven to help improve SAT scores, raise self confidence, improve reading skills, and help girls come out of their shell.

Skills learned in theatre class can be carried over into all other classes. When girls get involved in theatre classes where reading is part of the fun, they feel more confident in their reading abilities in all of other classes.

At Asheville Academy, drama class teaches girls to be unafraid to get up in front of their peers to perform. Girls participate in everything from improvisation and radio dramas to talent shows and musicals during these classes.

Many of our students have used these experiences as a stepping stone to get involved in theatre and other creativity-based extracurricular activities after they transition back home.

Theatre teacher with Broadway experience

Cheryl Brown, or Miss Cheryl as she’s lovingly called, is the person behind our amazing theater program. She also teaches language arts and runs the community service program.

Miss Cheryl spent eleven years working on Broadway, even working in the costume department during the original run of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into The Woods.

After her time spent on Broadway, Miss Cheryl lived in England for many years and started a drama program for children. With over twenty years of theatre education experience, Miss Cheryl offers a wealth of theatrical knowledge to all students.