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Asheville Academy was a pivot point for positive change for our family. AAG’s committed and nurturing therapists, range of therapeutic modalities, engaged teachers and staff, as well as, leadership with heart and integrity, made a challenging journey one of hope.

– Parent

Asheville Academy gave our child a sense of security and responsibility at a time that she didn’t feel that she had it. She followed the Hero’s Journey, working with therapists and being responsible for assigned work. She developed friendships and understanding of other girls’ issues too.

– Parent

Our daughter wasn’t the typical student, however, Asheville Academy really focused on her, identified what she needed, listened to us as her parents, and really helped her to advocate for herself and find her self esteem. We had only great experiences with them from the first day on campus to the alumni services that helped with her transition home.

– Parent

Asheville Academy will always hold the most special place in our hearts. The expertise, warmth and nurturing environment was exactly what our daughter needed to help her find her way. The professionals at AAG not only instilled the confidence our daughter needs to live a happy and fulfilled life, they helped our family heal and engage in meaningful relationships. Forever grateful to Cat and her wonderful staff, that is more like family!


Asheville Academy is a place that offers the possibility for deep transformation. My daughter felt, safe, loved, heard, supported and challenged during her time there. After battling a serious illness for most of her life and finally recovering medically, she needed to learn the tools both socially and academically to thrive. The school gave her just that! They helped her find her strength both academically and socially. We truly believe attending Asheville Academy changed the course of her life!

– Parent

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