Ten Easy Ways to Practice Mindfulness for Teens

Mindfulness is generally thought to be just sitting in one spot, once a day, and not doing anything else for 10 minutes–but it’s different for everyone. Mindfulness for teens can be anything from calming breaths when they get frustrated to a body scan when they’re getting nervous.

Mind Body Green recently wrote an article concerning easy ways to practice mindfulness for teens. With the wealth of benefits mindfulness practice has to offer coming to light, mindfulness for teens could be really beneficial in handling the stress of school, tests, friends, family, and more.

What is mindfulness practice?

Mindfulness is simply learning to take in the present moment, let go of unhealthy worries, and focus on your current, real feelings. It may sound simple, but in our fast-paced world it’s a rarity. Taking the time to slow down and assess can have tremendous benefits for people of all gender and age groups.

10 easy ways to practice mindfulness for teens

It’s thought that mindfulness practice is just for the monks and meditators of the world, but it can be simple for the average teen to do. By taking a few moments a day to practice mindfulness, a teen can improve their overall well-being. By knowing some cues that happen in day-to-day life, a teen can recognize the cue as a time to take a mindful moment and focus on the present time.

Some easy cues to practice mindfulness for teens

  1. When you first wake up, before getting up
  2. Standing in line
  3. Waiting to cross the street
  4. Hearing the sound of laughter
  5. Waiting for a light to turn green
  6. Opening a book
  7. Feeling wind on their cheek
  8. Hearing birds chirping
  9. Taking the first bite of a meal
  10. Hugging someone

By making these cues into mindful moments, anyone can take a few minutes out of their day to tune into what’s going on with themselves and the world around them.

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