Technology Use in Youth: Ten Apps to Promote Youth Development

During the summer, many families take long trips for family vacations. With technology today, it’s not uncommon for youth to use technology as a form of entertainment during these trips. Movies, social media, apps are all common forms of entertainment on a trip. While there are so many apps that can keep a child busy, are the ones youth are using promoting youth development? A recent article by the New York Times suggests these 10 apps for youth during summer trips to promote youth development.

Most of these apps work without a Wi-Fi tether, are free or affordable, and rich in interaction.

  1. Chomp by Christoph Niemann, $2.99. This app is easy-to-use and creates video creativity experiences for youth development. It combines hand-drawn animations with real-time video.
  2. HangArt by Literary Safari, $1.99. Play hangman, draw pictures, and tell stories with this fun app. This app brings the age-old game of hangman to any trip, promoting youth development through vocabulary that is taken from school reading curriculum. Youth can play alone or with another person to promote cooperative play.
  3. Heads Up! Kids by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, $0.99. This app is another fun, social word game. Youth hold their device to their forehead and ask someone for a clue. The app includes six decks of virtual cards on topics such as animals. This app promotes youth development through social interaction, speech, and vocabulary recognition.
  4. Moonbeeps: Gizmo by Moonbot Studios, $1.99. This app promotes youth development through creative imagination. It provides youth with a pretend dashboard full of dials and switches that are perfect for imaginary play.
  5. Sago Mini Robot Party, $2.99. This app contains a set of rubbery robot parts that can be mixed and matched.
  6. MSQRD by Masquerade Technologies, free. This app is like sticking your head inside a magical mirror where you can create any identity, real or fantasized.
  7. Thinkrolls 2 by Avokiddo, $2.99. This app lets you swipe your way through a selection of increasingly challenging mazes. It promotes youth development because it introduces properties of matter and physics into the game.
  8. Stack the States 2 by Freecloud Design, $2.99. This app is great for teaching youth about the United States. It quizzes you on the capital, shape and location of each state.
  9. Toca Life: Vacation by Toca Boca, $2.99. This app transforms your back seat into a tropical resort, with its own airport, hotel and island.
  10. Finding Dory: Just Keep Swimming by Disney, $3.99. A maze game that delivers plenty of well-illustrated, fun levels. It is inspired by Disney’s new movie “Finding Dory”.

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