Teaching Self-Regulation at a Boarding School for Behavioral Problems

As a therapeutic boarding school for behavioral problems, our girls commonly struggle with self-regulation and impulsivity. Adolescents already have issues with thinking before acting, but for some it’s even more difficult–even dangerous at times. The thing is, though, that self-regulation skills are essential for future success in adulthood. Without the ability to calm yourself down, make thoughtful decisions, and weigh the consequences of your actions, life can be extremely hard.

Federal report recognizes importance of self-regulation

Self-regulation and mental health aren’t really subjects that are taught in school. An enormous chunk of your child’s life is spent in a classroom and a new federal report argues that we should use part of that time to reinforce self-regulation skills and coping methods that will help teens grow into successful adults.

Early adolescence is a period of time when self-regulation skills are being learned and solidified–but some children need extra help and they often don’t get it in school. Desiree Murray, lead author of the report from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, explained why school could be the perfect place to build these critical skills:

“Schools are an ideal place for interventions because there is opportunity to build skills in a cohesive approach from preschool through secondary school and because of the potential power of shared learning with peers. Interventions in schools can impact the culture and climate in a way that benefits all students.”

It’s essential that skills like these get recognized for their importance in the overall developmental process for adolescents. Not having the skills to cope with loss, mistakes, and challenges can lead to deeper, more intense issues down the road. That’s why we should include this type of skill-building in school and at home.

As a therapeutic boarding school for behavioral problems, we understand the importance of self-regulation and we know that many young girls struggle with this. Through our therapeutic intervention, girls receive supportive feedback, helpful therapy, and nurturing care. We’ve constructed our program so that skill-building is sewn into the very fabric of everyday life. It takes one step at a time, but eventually young girls can develop the self-regulation skills that will allow them to cope with life’s challenges in healthy and productive ways.

Our therapeutic boarding school for behavior problems can help your daughter

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for behavioral problems and other issues in girls, ages 10-14. Our students commonly struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other behavioral or emotional issues. With the help of our licensed therapists, experienced teachers, caring staff, and expertly designed program, our students move closer to a healthier life. At our therapeutic boarding school for behavioral problems, we use the best tactics and therapeutic methods in order to help your daughter reach success.

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