Why Peer Relationships Are So Important for Adolescent Girls

building positive relationships with peers

When we talk about positive relationships for adolescent girls, the focus tends to be on teaching them about healthy dating practices. But the reality is, positive peer relationships can be even more important for teen girls than romantic relationships.  During the pre-teen and teen years, girls begin to move from focusing on their family relationships…

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How To Create Positive Friendships for Young Girls

positive effects of friendship

As young girls transition from childhood to adolescence, the ability to create and maintain friendships can become more difficult for your daughter as the social dynamic shifts. As children, friendships may have seemed easier to develop, but this is partly due to adults cultivating and managing the friendships. As children grow older, they are more…

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Addressing a Lack of Respect for Authority

lack of respect for authority

It is obvious to see the lack of respect for authority in teenagers. The crossed arms, rolled eyes, hair flip and slamming doors say it all. You were just asking if she had completed her homework assignment for tomorrow’s biology lab, yet her response is disrespectful and rude. What contributes to this lack of respect…

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