Using Learning Techniques to Ease Academic Struggles

how to help a child struggling academically

In today’s day and age, school work for young teens is more important than ever. Getting into a good college has become more competitive, which leads many to start good study habits earlier. But for many teens, the most important part of school has become lunchtime when they can hang out with their friends. During…

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Why Peer Relationships Are So Important for Adolescent Girls

building positive relationships with peers

When we talk about positive relationships for adolescent girls, the focus tends to be on teaching them about healthy dating practices. But the reality is, positive peer relationships can be even more important for teen girls than romantic relationships.  During the pre-teen and teen years, girls begin to move from focusing on their family relationships…

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How to Positively Reinforce School Participation

benefits of participating in school activities

For most young children, school is a time to see their friends while they play games and learn about the world around them. As children get older, school begins to feel more like an obligation rather than something they’d like to actively engage in. They may attend classes because they have to, but they’re not…

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Helping Divorced Families

helping divorced families

Divorce can have both positive and negative effects on children. As they adjust to a new family dynamic, it may take some time to develop their individual relationships with each parent. When divorce occurs new behavior and communication patterns develop, which can sometimes lead to the child or teen feeling uncertain about how they should…

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Addressing a Lack of Respect for Authority

lack of respect for authority

It is obvious to see the lack of respect for authority in teenagers. The crossed arms, rolled eyes, hair flip and slamming doors say it all. You were just asking if she had completed her homework assignment for tomorrow’s biology lab, yet her response is disrespectful and rude. What contributes to this lack of respect…

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