Summer Camp For Troubled Kids

More Than a Summer camp for troubled kids: Asheville Academy Helps Girls

There are many reasons to choose Asheville Academy in order to help struggling girls overcome their troubles. At Asheville Academy, struggling girls are never far removed from the local community. Unlike a typical residential program such as a summer camp for troubled kids, Asheville Academy is tightly integrated into the local community. Rather than isolating the students from the real world, Asheville Academy encourages students to learn healthy mechanisms to better understand the world and form healthy relationships. The level of community involvement also helps the students learn their place in the world and observe the immediate effects of their actions on their surroundings. summer camp for troubled kids
Another reason Asheville Academy stands out is the level of freedom we offer for students to explore their passions and try new things. Not only are the academic classes at Asheville Academy designed to match the local curriculum, but they offer a wide variety of electives – from theater to art classes. Small classes taught by professionals with years of experience allow every student to receive the individualized attention they require. When possible, classes take an experiential approach – a biology lesson, for instance, may take place outside. At Asheville Academy, there are no boundaries.

Academic Programming Encourages Success

Many of our students have had difficulty in a traditional school environment. At Asheville Academy, small class sizes led by professional teachers allow every student to get the attention and help they require for success. Therapy sessions help students learn teamwork and help each other become the best version of themselves possible. While the classes at Asheville Academy match the local curriculum, there are numerous electives – such as theater and art classes – that allow students to explore new passions and discover interests. When possible, experiential learning is used to reinforce the lessons and the connection between the lessons and reality.
Girls 10-14 struggling with a wide range of issues (from school refusal to bullying to mental illness) are welcome to Asheville Academy’ beautiful North Carolina campus. With Asheville Academy, a troubled girl can return to a healthy path once again.

Choosing Asheville Academy For Girls vs. Summer Camp For Troubled Kids

The following are some reasons families might choose Asheville Academy over other therapeutic boarding schools for girls:

  • Our beautiful campus and its surroundings: Asheville Academy is located just outside of Asheville in Black Mountain, NC. With the backdrop of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville Academy provides students with an opportunity to participate in many off-campus adventures in the outdoors. The campus is situated on 97 acres of land. On campus, we have separate facilities for our academic programming, therapeutic programming, residential programming, and recreational programming.
  • Various, personalized clinical offerings: Depending on each student’s emotional and/or behavioral challenges, we have created programming specifically built to work through each girl’s needs. Our therapeutic programming includes individual, group, family, and animal therapy.
  • Age and gender specific programming: Every aspect of our programming is created for the purpose of helping young girls ages 10-14. We address the struggles that this age group faces and have staff members who specialize in working with this age group specifically.

Family-Focused Programming: Unlike other therapeutic boarding schools for girls, we believe establishing open communication with family members throughout a child’s time at our program is extremely beneficial to each student’s success. Working with family members throughout the therapeutic process helps allow for lasting change after graduation.

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