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Summer Camp For Troubled Girls

More Effective Than A Summer Camp For Troubled Girls: Asheville Academy Guides Struggling Girls Toward Success

A summer camp for troubled youth is a wonderful opportunity for growth among young people struggling with mental health challenges. Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school with a summer camp-like atmosphere.  At Asheville Academy, our alternative to a summer camp for troubled girls helps girls actively participate in the local community. While many camps for troubled girls are removed from the outside world, at Asheville Academy integration into the local community is a vital part of the experience. By performing volunteer work and interacting with the world, students at Asheville Academy can see their effect on others firsthand. 

summer camp for troubled girlsMany students at Asheville Academy have had trouble adjusting to a traditional schooling environment. Whether due to inattentive teachers, unhealthy peer relationships, mental illness, or another factor, for many girls, standard classrooms have become a chore, rather than a place of learning and joy.

At Asheville Academy, we make learning fun once again. Small class sizes led by highly-trained teachers with years of experience guarantee that every child gets the attention they need to succeed. Therapy sessions help the students learn teamwork – which, in turn, boosts school performance. By promoting experiential learning and mindfulness, Asheville Academy helps students feel the connections between book learning and the real world.

A therapeutic boarding school offering long-term treatment, Asheville Academy combines residential treatment with a boarding school in order to offer girls a unique therapeutic experience. At Asheville Academy there are no boundaries between academics and treatment; in fact, both serve to reinforce each other.

With the Asheville Academy approach, struggling girls can receive the full schooling experience in a nurturing, safe environment. With a wide variety of activities – from the numerous approaches to therapy (such as animal and equine assisted therapy) to fun lessons and outdoors events — Typically at Asheville Academy, no two days are the same.

Although Asheville Academy is located in North Carolina, we accept struggling girls from all across the United States. With the help of Asheville Academy, girls troubled by a wide range of issues such as relationship troubles, mental health problems, or social skills issues can find their way to a healthy path.

Summer Camp for Troubled Girls Helps Girls find Success

There are many issues that can befall a child while they are growing up – and early adolescence is an especially tumultuous period in that regard. For many families, this is the first time their daughter might encounter bullying, relationship issues, self-esteem issues, or even mental illness. As a consequence, some girls might begin to struggle academically, while other may lash out, become defiant, or refuse school altogether. Although a summer camp for troubled girls might serve as a temporary solution, upon returning home, many girls will fall back into the same, dangerous patterns as before. This is precisely where Asheville Academy can help. 

summer camp for troubled girls
A long-term solution for a variety of issues that adolescent girls face, Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school that combines the best features of a summer camp for troubled girls, a residential treatment center, and a highly-acclaimed academic program.
At Asheville Academy, struggling girls can experience all the best parts of going to school while being in a completely safe, nurturing environment. By combining therapy with academics, Asheville Academy allows for every girl to receive the treatment they need without any jarring boundaries between therapy and real life.

With a wide variety of therapeutic approaches – such as equine assisted therapy — Asheville Academy helps make every day feel like an adventure.

About Our Program For Struggling Girls

Our program is designed to specifically help young girls ages 10-14 who need help to:

  • Regulate and manage emotions: Young girls struggling to control their emotions due mood disorders or anxiety disorders.
  • Respect authority figures: Asheville Academy helps girls struggling with defiance and other challenges which makes it difficult to follow directions from parents, teachers, and other adults.
  • Form close relationships with peers and family members: We help girls who struggle in social situations to make friends with their peers and open up to members of their family.
  • Become more resilient: We help girls get back on their feet after some situation in which they need to overcome adversity, such as being bullied.
  • Develop communication skills: Helping girls create lines of communication with family members and peers in order to open up about feelings.
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