Stressing Out a Stressed Girl with Caffeine and Sugar

In a recent article by the Washington Post, it was brought to attention how much caffeine and sugar, two widely used substances for cram sessions, can stress out an already stressed girl.

According to the article, caffeine actually keeps your brain from calming down, making it harder for those prone to anxiousness to get rid of extra stress. Sugar is just as bad, as said in the article. Apparently, it fires up the body for a short period of time and then brings us crashing down, making it not ideal for a stressed girl to use while trying to focus and study.

Alternatives to sugar and caffeine
If my daughter shouldn’t use caffeine or sugar to get energy, how is she supposed to get it? I know, it’s hard to imagine anything else besides coffee and soda helping someone stay focused to cram, but there are definitely alternatives. Some of these alternatives include:

Amino acids. These can be found in many different foods. They release happy hormones in our brains and help us stay focused, perfect for studying! Examples of foods containing amino acids include eggs, red meat, and turkey.
Vitamin B and C. These vitamins create prolonged amounts of energy, unlike sugar. These vitamins can be found in foods such as blueberries, avocados, beans, citrus, and leafy greens.
Omega-3 fatty acids. These specifically help with stress, making them essential to a frequently stressed girl. Omega-3s can be found in foods like walnuts and salmon. They also come in tablets if you find it impossible to get your daughter to eat those types of foods.

Asheville Academy can help

If your stressed girl is at a worrying point of stress, it may be linked to a deeper issue such as depression or anxiety. In this case, Asheville Academyis here to help. We are a residential treatment center for struggling girls, ages 10-14. Our girls commonly deal with issues such as depression, anxiety, school refusal, and other behavioral problems.

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