Staying Calm: Helping your daughter maintain mental health wellness

Young girls undergo an enormous amount of stress nowadays. In middle school, the girls are mean, the classes are harder, and bodies are beginning to change. Because of the high stress levels during this time, mental health wellness should be a high priority.

Coping skills

Middle school is rough. Most people don’t have fond memories of it and it’s the period in which many young people start showing signs of mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression. The good news is, your child in middle school is still quite young. That means she has plenty of time to develop coping skills to improve mental health wellness. The following coping mechanisms may help your daughter get through the day feeling happy and healthy:

    • Getting enough sleep: It’s usually around the pre-teen years that young people stop getting the amount of sleep they need (which is 9-11 hours). As school assignments begin to get tougher and tougher, your daughter is probably spending her evenings doing papers and projects instead of getting the zzz’s she needs. Make sleep a priority for her.
    • Relaxation exercises: She might think relaxation exercises are lame and not worth her time, but she’s going to have to trust you on this one. Deep breathing exercises and meditation can help your daughter feel less stressed and more calm throughout her day.
    • Eating the right things: Your daughter might be tempted by the unhealthy foods her friends are eating, but make sure she’s getting a balanced diet. Eating fruits and veggies can really improve her mood.
    • Get her active: Endorphins are no joke. Getting your daughter moving whether that be through sports, dance, or daily walks, is guaranteed to make her happier.
    • Reading: Books are a great way for your daughter to escape into a world that’s not her own. It’s a great way for her to relax, while building up her vocabulary and writing skills.
    • Encouraging a vibrant social life: This is the time in your daughter’s life when she should be making friends and forming close bonds with her peers. If your daughter is surrounded by a supportive friend group, she’s more likely to be mentally well.

If she’s struggling

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