Special Education Private School

Asheville Academy’s Special Education Private School Recognition

We are delighted to take a moment to celebrate a longstanding achievement here at Asheville Academy. For some time now, we have proudly held accreditation as a Special Education Private School, distinguishing us as the sole therapeutic boarding school and residential treatment center in North Carolina to have attained this significant recognition.

This accreditation reflects our enduring commitment to excellence in education and therapeutic care. Here’s a glimpse into what this accreditation signifies for our community:

  1. Consistent Educational Excellence: Over the years, our accreditation has served as a beacon of our unwavering dedication to maintaining exceptional educational standards. It assures our students and families that they can rely on us to provide a consistently high-quality education tailored to individual needs.
  2. Steadfast Therapeutic Support: Our accreditation underscores our continued dedication to offering comprehensive therapeutic support. Throughout our journey, we have integrated therapeutic interventions seamlessly into our academic curriculum, fostering emotional growth and resilience in a nurturing environment.
  3. Long-Term Commitment to Diverse Needs: Our track record demonstrates our ability to provide specialized care for a diverse range of special education needs. From day one, we have been committed to meeting the unique needs of each student, whether they require support for learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, or emotional regulation.
  4. Proven Excellence: Having held this accreditation for some time, we are proud of the recognition it brings to our ongoing commitment to excellence in therapeutic education. It speaks volumes about our dedication to innovation, continuous improvement, and best practices in serving our students and their families.
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