The Show ‘Stranger Things’ Offers Parenting Tips for Teens

10102148876_c339247ca7_zStranger Things is a science fiction series that is very reminiscent of The Goonies. The story takes place in 1983, and the central plot line follows a group of four boys, who work together as a team to solve the freaky town occurrences. In the first episode, one of the four boys go missing, leading to the unraveling of mysterious events that occur in the show. Watching as a parent, the show offers parenting tips for teens and youth throughout the show.

A Typical Childhood from the Past

Prior to the disappearance of their friend, the kids spend their free time riding bikes and playing Dungeons and Dragons, a table-top role-playing game. After the disappearance, they use the skills learned through years of friendship and freedom to participate in their own mystery man-hunt. They are smart, creative, and team players who are confident in their abilities to use problem solving skills.

These four kids experience a childhood that has been lost to children of this current generation. Most kids growing up in America today, would never experience the types of activities that would encourage and inspire the types of creativity, problem solving skills, and friendships that these four boys get. Unfortunately, there has been a cultural shift in parenting that makes this type of independent group of friends very unlikely. The two primary culprits: technology and our over-focus on supervision and safety of children.

How the Show Reveals Parenting Tips for Teens

The show Stranger Things, brings back old school parenting tips, by encouraging a type of parenting style known as: free-range parenting. Ultimately, it brings back allowing children to play independently or complete developmentally appropriate tasks by themselves. Researchers believe that teaching parenting tips for teens that encourage allowing kids the freedom to solve problems without an adult’s micromanagement and the ability to play outside without rules and a coach is healthy, normal child development, and also something our culture has lost focus of over the years.

The parenting tips for teens that are taught today are ignoring a major, identifiable risk to child development—the lack of time and space to develop characteristics associated with long-term success and mental stability—independence and self-efficacy. We are readily concerned about risks and constant supervisions, but little is done about the risks of excessive screen time and sedentary, isolated behavior.

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