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Fostering Responsibility & Compassion

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Community Service at Asheville Academy

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At Asheville Academy, students participate in our community service program on a regular basis. When girls help others, it can foster a sense of responsibility and compassion that translates into lasting change within themselves. Our ongoing community service program creates powerful, impactful experiences that stay with students long after they leave Asheville Academy.

How We Give Back

1. Giving back to others

At Asheville Academy, we believe it’s important to give back to other people in the community. We are involved in several organizations, helping those who need our students’ help.

Asheville Academy has been working with Newborns in Need, a national organization which helps impoverished families with newborns and young children. Our students make quilts for newborns, working with a local fabric artist on their sewing skills and dexterity. The quilts girls make for these babies give parents a soft surface to keep their infants safe.

2. Improving the local community

Asheville Academy students have been involved in improving the local community through their work with the Craggy Mountain Line, a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. This organization works on renovating three miles of a historic railway for entertainment and educational purposes.

During the holiday season, Asheville Academy students help with Craggy Mountain Line’s annual Christmas event, the Jingle Bell Ride, by serving hot chocolate while dressed as elves and singing in the choir during the event. It’s always one of the highlights of the holiday season at Asheville Academy!

3. Helping animals within the community.

Animals are very important to the learning and therapeutic experience at Asheville Academy. Because of this, we seek to help local animals. One of our major projects is with Animal Haven, a refuge for abandoned and abused animals. Students go to Animal Haven and help clean barns and take care of the animals. Animal Haven has a variety of animals for our students to enjoy including sheep, goats, cats, dogs, rabbits, and geese.

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