Separation from parents is the cause of attachment issues, a new study finds

The need for connection is ingrained in every cell of our body. It is the main driving force in our lives, the model of which we learn through the relationship with our primary caregiver, typically our mother. If something goes awry in this initial relationship, it can be the cause of attachment issues.

A new study weighs in on the effects of separation and neglect

According to the results of the long-running Bucharest Early Intervention Project (BEIP) study conducted in Romanian orphanages, neglect and separation from parents are shown as the leading cause of attachment issues. The study tracked 220 children, 119 of which had spent some time in institutionalized care, half of which were later placed in foster care. Data collected at age 8, 12, and 16 shows that kids that were put in good-quality foster homes had less incidence of emotional disturbances and acting out when compared to those that stayed in institutional care. These differences were more prominent as kids got older, between the ages of 12 and 16, and the results of the study were congruent with the literature on the subject.

What is the cause of attachment issues?

There is agreement among psychologists today that a baby is aware of everything that’s going on around it even while still in the womb. It remembers the smell of his mother, her laughter and feelings. If by any chance the pregnancy is unwanted or a baby is given up for adoption, the bond with the birth mother is broken which inevitably results in attachment issues later in life. Other causes of attachment issues include separation due to illness, death, or hospitalization. Neglect is another cause of attachment issues, be it emotional needs that are neglected or physical ones. Also, any kind of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse predisposes a child for attachment issues later in life.

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