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Individual Attention, Personalized Approach

A Focus on Each Student's Needs In the Classroom
Learning Support

Focusing On The Individual

Learning is not a one size fits all endeavor. All teachers at Asheville Academy for Girls are highly attuned to the individual needs of each of their students. Small class sizes ensure that teachers can meet students where they are, and truly personalize each student’s learning experience.

Our Learning Support Specialist provides additional individual attention to those who need it, both inside and outside the classroom. Each student is assigned an academic advisor, who works with students to set goals, stay organized, and manage their time appropriately, which paves the road to success.

We understand that receiving an excellent education is just as important to your child’s future as their mental health. Studies show that doing well in school correlates to better emotional health overall. That is why we do everything in our power to help your child achieve success in school. We do this by creating an IAP (individualized academic plan) based on your child’s learning needs and their academic strengths. Your daughter will find success in our specialized school for troubled youth.

Our classes are led by qualified, dedicated teachers who are invested in your child’s success. Our school features a broad array of class options and advanced curriculum certified by the leading educational standards organization, AdvancED.

Additional support is available for students as needed:

  • Orten-Gillingham for struggling readers
  • Remedial programming for struggling math students
  • Occupational therapy for those with moderate to severe executive functioning, socioemotional, or sensory challenges
  • Speech Therapy
Abby Crahan, Learning Support Specialist

Abby Crahan, Learning Support Specialist

“I always believe in our students, but the best part of my job is that ah-ha moment when students start to actually believe in themselves and realize how capable they are at finding academic success!”

What Will They Gain?

Higher Motivation

Higher Motivation

Higher Motivation

Better Habits

Better Habits

Better Habits

Greater Achievement

Greater Achievement

Greater Achievement

How We Engage Our Students

  • Small class sizes: Our typical student to teacher ratio is 8:1 which means your child will receive the individualized attention they need to reach their fullest potential in school.
  • Experiential programming: Most of the learning that takes place at Asheville Academy will occur in traditional classroom settings. However, we also find hands-on learning experiences to be extremely helpful and fun for students. For example, for Biology class students may accompany their teacher to our picturesque lake on campus to observe the tadpoles. It helps bring a “real world” element to learning that a brick and mortar classroom cannot offer.
  • Electives: Students participate in a variety of elective classes such as theatre, art, and physical education. Aside from being very fun, these classes help students expand their minds in ways “the common core” does not.
  • Mindfulness: By practicing mindfulness, students are more engaged in the classroom environment. Since we have incorporated mindfulness into academic programming, students have experienced an increase in their ability to process information, focus, collaborate with peers, and work through strong emotions in the classroom.

We can help your child succeed academically

How We Help Different Learning Profiles Thrive

Often, school refusal, underperformance, or even outside school behaviors can be related to challenges at school– feelings of inadequacy or failure.

Many Asheville Academy students feel so far removed from academic success that they have given up trying. To overcome challenges in the classroom our learning support professionals can help your child identify their learning strengths and needs. Teachers are specifically trained in many modalities of accommodation, such as inclusion or one-on-one support.

Our academic goals include helpful academic habits and skills that will assist our students in learning well for the rest of their lives by —

  • How to stay organized
  • Take notes
  • Write an essay
  • Format MLA style
  • Take a test
  • Research a topic
  • Transition from subject to subject
  • Developing study skills