Sarah Jessica Parker Opens up About Teen Mental Health

According to a recent article by The Huffington Post, the well-known actor Sarah Jessica Parker states she has perfect mental health. The article discusses how Sarah Jessica Parker maintains her mental health through active and open discussion.

The actress and fashion icon revealed that she used to keep feelings of anxiety to herself because she was concerned how the stigma on mental health and teen mental health would affect the confident persona she felt was expected of her as a public figure.

Sarah Jessica Parkers Experience with Mental Health

Parker states:

“I used to not ever tell anybody because I thought that too many people were reliant on me to not be anxious, like they were all looking at me to make them feel better. Like anything, until the minute you talk about something it feels as if you are a balloon that’s been blown up and you have too much air in you. You just need somebody to let a little out.”

Being Open about Teen Mental Health

Parker has since learned the importance of discussing mental health with people in her life, and has become an excellent role model for how youth and parents should be aware of teen mental health. She encourages youth to discuss teen mental health issues with friends and family, especially in the moment of them experiencing challenges with it.

She’s totally right to do so: Talking about mental health and teen mental health not only helps treat mental health issues, but also helps to reduce stigma. Research has shown negative stereotypes often prevent people from seeking the guidance and help they need.

Similar to Parker, many celebrities have begun to open up about their own personal challenges with mental health. The more people begin to open up about the matter the more the stigma is demolished.
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