Room to Grow: Spacious Campus at Asheville Academy Allows For Healthy Living


Middle-school aged girls are at age where they need an environment that lets them be active and have fun with their peers.  At Asheville Academy, our campus is on nearly 100 acres. This allows for ample space to grow and learn.

Size of campus provides room for growth

Our exciting facilities on campus include:

  • Classroom buildings set away from residential environment which allows for a more “real world” academic experience. 
  • Dormitory buildings called “tree houses” which house eight students along with students. Read more here>>>
  • A large dining hall  AAG Fitness 3
  • A farm full of animals like mini-horses, pot belly pigs, kittens, chickens, goats and rabbits.
  • 97 acres of trails where girls can hike and take part in adventure activities. Some of our students come from a wilderness therapy environment and are able to practice the skills they learned, such as bow drilling, on our primitive camp site within this space.
  • 5 acre lake where aquatic sports such as swimming, paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing take place during the warmer months. This is a great space for students to spend time reflecting on their day. 
  • A farm filled with adorable animals such as mini-horses, pot bellied pigs, chickens, kittens, and rabbits. This is where we house our therapy animals.
  • Retreat room to get away from staff and students in order to regulate emotions.
  • Two athletic fields
  • Outdoor basketball
  • A Gymnasium
  • A Fire Pit
  • A Dance and yoga studio

Staying active and feeling positive

It is very common for pre-teen girls to struggle with body image issues. The activity-based environment at Asheville Academy encourages students to focus on the way they feel when they are more active. When young girls engage in physical activities, they learn about cooperative play and sportsmanship concepts such as teamwork, responsibility, and respect.

Additionally, a large body of research has shown that staying active has a very positive effect on the brain. Physical activities help produce melatonin and serotonin – “feel good” chemicals that help people feel happier. These chemicals help ease depression and help girls feel better about themselves, in general.

Our expansive campus offers endless opportunities for physical activities. Many of our students struggle to keep still. The huge amount of space on campus helps students to always be out moving and getting energy out.

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