Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Teens from Tennessee


If you’re looking at Residential Treatment Center for troubled teens from Tennessee, give Asheville Academy a chance. Asheville Academy is a residential treatment center for troubled teens from Tennessee that helps troubled teens and their families from Tennessee achieve growth and healing to create a healthy and solution-oriented path for your families’ future. Asheville Academy helps teens that have not responded to other treatments, who have education needs that cannot be met in less confining settings and or who are in need of more intensive treatment.

Asheville Academy, a residential treatment center for troubled teens from Tennessee, utilizes the residential treatment model with academics to create a home-like setting for girls and AFAB from Tennessee to learn new ways to interact with peers, adults, and their families.


Asheville Academy provides:

  • A comprehensive evaluation, which assesses the teens emotional, behavioral, medical, educational, social and leisure needs, and to creates the individualized treatment plan to specifically address your child and your family as a whole.
  • Individual and group therapy.
  • Psychiatric care coordinated by a child psychiatrist.
  • Nonviolent and predictable way to help young teens with emotional and behavioral issues.


Due to the wide range of issues that we treat at Asheville Academy, we utilize a multi-modal approach.  This approach is designed to facilitate change and create opportunities for young girls and AFAB to discover their internal power and confidence once again.  We individualize each student’s journey in our therapeutic program to their individual needs and we understand the importance of family being an active part of their teen child’s transformation.

To learn more about how our residential treatment center for troubled teens from Tennessee can help your family, please give us a call today at (800) 264-9709.

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