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Healthy Bodies Help Girls Feel Better

Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds

At Asheville Academy, we believe in the value of being active and eating well when working with young girls.  Studies show and our experience confirms that our students improve in the classroom and feel healthier when they get sleep, have a variety of delicious food options, and enjoy some activities.

Keeping Healthy Is A Priority

Daily Fitness Activities Promote Health

Every day we have fitness activities, whether that is a group class, sport, or other recreational activity.

On the weekends students may be involved in an off-campus activity like hiking, biking, or shopping in the area.  Our recreational goals are to encourage movement and to have fun.  Whether a student walks onto campus a star athlete or afraid of a ball, our goal is always to help build the confidence and skills in your daughter.

Fun Activities On and Off Campus

Throughout the program, students take part in a variety of fun activities. We believe students should play and explore hidden talents on a regular basis. Some enjoyable activities both on and off campus include: bubble soccer, high rope courses, jewelry making, theatre, and exploring the outdoors.

Healthy, Delicious Food Options

We enjoy a variety of delicious options loaded with food that the students love and that love the students back.  We aren’t the food police but too often girls arrive accustomed to high calorie, high sugar snacks, junk food, and fast food.  When we help the students rediscover fresh food it is amazing how much better they feel and how much more energy they have. Our chef tries to introduce new and exotic flavors into our students’ diets to help them try new things.

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