Qualities to Look for in Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls

SSA_5581_1Finding the perfect fit for your struggling daughter among all the therapeutic boarding schools in the nation can be difficult for a parent–especially if you don’t know what to look for to make sure you’re getting the best program around. As someone who’s had years of experience in this field, I have unique perspectives and advice to offer when trying to discern between top-tier therapeutic boarding schools and mediocre ones.

What to look for in therapeutic boarding schools

Level of Interaction with Your Daughter

Are there weekly calls, scheduled visits, and/or written communication included in the programming? If not, it’s probably not one of the top therapeutic boarding schools. Communication between parents and their child is important for a child’s overall growth in the program.

Amount of Family Inclusion

A program that doesn’t include the family dynamic into their design isn’t going to help your daughter reach her full potential. It is much harder for a child to succeed without the love and support of their family, therefore making it imperative that the whole family is included in the process of treatment.

Different Types of Therapy Being Used

The reason you’re looking for therapeutic boarding schools probably has to do with traditional therapy not being enough or not fitting for your child. A top-tier therapeutic boarding school will include different types of therapy (CBT, Equine, Group, Family, etc.) in order to make sure each individual is engaged in therapy. They’ll understand that every therapy doesn’t work as effectively for each individual and it’s their job to find the best fit for each student.

Quality Academics

Leading therapeutic boarding schools should have experienced, certified teachers employed to give students a great academic experience. They should make it a priority to prepare students to transition back into traditional school settings in a smooth, efficient way.

Asheville Academy is a leading therapeutic boarding school

Asheville Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for young girls, ages 10-14, struggling with depression, ADHD, anxiety, and other behavioral or mental issues.

For more information about how Asheville Academy can help your daughter, call 800-264-8709 today!