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Here’s what families say about Asheville Academy:

We gather feedback from parents to assess Asheville Academy and drive improvement. The data presented here is based on parent surveys.

At Asheville Academy, we evaluate student and family progress through daily living, emotional and behavioral development, therapy sessions, and their individualized treatment plans. We also utilize clinical questionnaires completed by students at the beginning and end of their program.

We use the following assessment tools:

  • Youth Outcomes Questionnaire Self Report 2.0: Identifies areas requiring attention and informs the Master Treatment Plan in domains such as interpersonal distress, somatic symptoms, interpersonal relations, social problems, behavioral dysfunction, and critical incidents.
  • Executive Skills Questionnaire: Assesses areas of executive functioning skills that require improvement.
  • Resiliency Protective Factors Checklist: Highlights existing strengths and allows students to choose areas for further development within themselves, their family, and their community.
  • UCLA Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Reaction Index: Used for students with identified or suspected trauma to determine which symptoms require clinical attention.

In their own words:

Here's What Students Gain From Their Time With Us

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