Not An Easy Task: Dealing with Depression and Anxiety in Children

No one wants to see their daughter struggle emotionally. During the middle school years, many young girls struggle with self confidence and self esteem issues. If those issues spiral into depression and anxiety, those years can be even harder for them. Dealing with depression and anxiety in children is a difficult and delicate task. But there are some things you can do to help manage depression and anxiety in children.

Be open with your child

Use open statements when talking to your child about depression and anxiety in children. Use phrases like, “I’m concerned about…”, “I want to help you with this..”. They shouldn’t feel like you’re being critical of them. Instead, it should feel like you’re coming to them in support of whatever they need from you.

Establish open lines of communication. It’s important to know what’s going in their lives. Often, depression and anxiety can lead to lower academic performance. It’s important to sit your child down and try to understand what is affecting their grades overall. Lecturing your child will only lead to more emotional issues and less trust in you as a parent.

It’s important to know distinguish when you child has had a bad day and just needs to be alone, and when their symptoms of depression and anxiety are making themselves known. By making this distinction, you can speak to them when the time is right.

Finding the best treatment for depression and anxiety in children

Depression and anxiety don’t go away on their own. Most of the time, some form of treatment is necessary. Choosing the best fit for your child is, obviously, a very personalized process. What are you hoping the outcomes of treatment will be? How severe are your child’s symptoms? Those are questions to consider.

Asheville Academy can help

Choosing a therapeutic boarding school like Asheville Academy might be the best option for your daughter. Asheville Academy helps girls struggling with depression and anxiety in a nurturing, safe environment. The therapeutic and academic plans at Asheville Academy are completely personalized for each student.
At Asheville Academy, students heal while having fun. Asheville Academy offers a variety of fun, exciting activities for girls on a weekly basis intended to promote self-confidence and social skills.

Asheville Academy, a residential treatment center in a traditional school setting for girls 10-14, helps teen girls struggling with anxiety, depression and other emotional and behavioral issues. If your daughter is struggling, consider sending her to Asheville Academy, a therapeutic boarding school. With a caring staff and a clinically based program, Asheville Academy can help your daughter find success.

For more information about Asheville Academy, please call 800.264.8709 today.

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