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What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback – or brain training – is a means of optimizing brain wave patterns to help us achieve emotional and mental health and well-being.  Neurofeedback can help your child improve brain functioning.  Myriad issues and challenges are aided by neurofeedback, including but not limited to: 

  • improved sleep 
  • anxiety reduction 
  • better mood regulation
  • decreased impulsivity 
  • improved concentration 
  • improved social interaction 
  • cognitive and emotional flexibility.  

Asheville Academy offers neurofeedback treatments to their students to help them grow and develop further.


Learn how neurofeedback works:

Number of Students in Neurofeedback since Jan. 2017
Improved Cognitive Flexibility and Executive Functioning
Improved Composite Memory
Improved Processing Speed

Non-invasive treatment
A session of neurofeedback is relaxing and enjoyable. While watching a movie, the training software provides feedback to the brain in real-time, encouraging the brain to make the necessary adjustments.

Based on learning
As you practice changing brain waves, the brain is learning how to continue the changes outside of the session. The continued learning is supported throughout your child’s time at Asheville Academy.

Regulates brain waves to create lasting change
Sessions will help your child now and in the future. Many neurofeedback clients report changes they obtain from trainings are continuing 10 years later.

Safe and client-guided
No chemical or electrical impulse ever enters the body. At the end of each session, your child can give feedback on how it went.

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