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Morgan Dickie

Growing up in Colorado, Morgan’s love of the outdoors started early as she spent most weekends skiing or hiking with her family. After swimming on a club swim team since the age of 8, Morgan went on to swim at the Division 1 collegiate level at the University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) where she cross-trained in weight-lifting, running, and crossfit. After getting injured and leaving the UNCA swim team, Morgan found her way to dancing, yoga, rock climbing, and more creative forms of movement.

Morgan holds a bachelor’s degree in Health in Wellness Promotion from UNCA where she was first introduced to working with health and wellness at the family level. Working for many years as a birth and postpartum doula has shown her the value of connection between parents and children and the importance of supporting whole-system wellness from day one. She is currently studying midwifery and women’s health and enjoys incorporating this subject matter in appropriate ways with her students as they learn about their own growing bodies.

Morgan worked as a Mentor at Asheville Academy from 2017-2020, rotating through all the cabins and working with students on every phase. After a break to pursue different work and some traveling, she returned to the school as the Recreation Coordinator in April of 2022. Her love of Western North Carolina feeds her excitement for planning creative and engaging outings and service opportunities that give students a taste of this region and the people who live here.

Morgan has long adored working with adolescents; she sees it as a crucial time to make an impact on the way kids relate to their bodies, to their peers, and to the world. In her role at Asheville Academy, Morgan focuses on encouraging teamwork and participation, teaching a range of movement practices and games, and setting healthy challenges to help students build confidence. She also embodies radical kindness that prioritizes relational play and forgiveness over competition and high expectations. 

At Asheville Academy, you will usually find her with her golden retriever sidekick, Peaches. Outside of work, Morgan enjoys learning about gardening and herbalism, contra dancing, and hosting dinner parties with her loved ones. 

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