There are several kinds of military schools for troubled kids, helping kids turn their lives around. The first kind is an academy specifically aimed at preparing students for a career in the armed services, while the second major kind is a private school that draws on military discipline and lifestyle to correct problematic behavior.


One potential benefit of either style of education is the way it can increase independence and self-reliance. It’s pretty simple that once you take a child away from the comforts of home, they learn to rely on their own efforts to take care of what needs doing. Other benefits vary by institution, especially because schools can be very different from one another. While one school may offer a very religious or political point of view, another may be neutral and focused just on providing boot camp routines in addition to academic instruction.


When considering military schools for troubled kids, it’s important to ask whether the military option is really best for the child. Some kids are instinctively drawn to a soldier’s life, and in that case a military school does sound like a great fit. If you’re primarily drawn to military schools just for their reputation for academic excellence or ability to fix the behavior of troubled kids, you may also want to look at private non military boarding schools.


Asheville Academy is a premier alternative to military schools for troubled kids. Situated in a picturesque mountain valley, our program is designed to help families with myriad issues from behavioral and emotional challenges to lackluster academic performance. If you’re still weighing your options, our admissions counselors would be happy to discuss whether we’re a good fit and where else you might look to meet your daughter’s individual needs.Please call us today at (800) 264-8709 or fill out the form to the right to find out more. 


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