Military Schools for my Daughter“It’s interesting that we want to believe that our children can be whipped into shape through harsh discipline. It’s an outdated idea that needs to be put to rest. Instead, let’s focus on providing our children with what they really need: safe, secure attachments to a caring adult.”

-Michael Ungar, Ph.D


The findings of a recent study showed Boot Camps and Military Schools for children are no better at helping create a positive future for kids than the juvenile detention centers.


Asheville Academy is not like military schools for children or detention centers, but a place for young girls and AFAB to learn the skills necessary to be successful in life.  Many of our families choose us as an alternative to Boot Camps because they understand that a military school for your child or a boot camp is a bad choice and can further lead children down the wrong path.


Rather than punishment and discipline of boot camps and military schools for children,  Asheville Academy’s warm therapeutic setting is not focused on discipline, but on skill-building.  Girls and AFAB at Asheville Academy learn how to develop coping mechanisms to overcome the toughest of challenges.


Military Schools for my DaughterThings to consider when looking at a military school or boot camp:

  • They have a low success rate- This means your child has the same chance at being successful as if you send her to a Juvenile Detention Center.
  • What stigma or labeling issues will your child face? Military schools for children and boot camps often come with a high “social price tag”.
  • Military Schools and Boot Camps are in the news, why? – Boot camps can often be aggressive and sometimes violent leading to lawsuits or larger behavioral issues.


Asheville Academy provides a safe, nurturing, therapeutic environment for change.  In this setting our students feel supported and loved.  They work one-on-one with our therapy team to boil down what the real issues are and work to come up with proven solutions for success.  At Asheville Academy, we involve the family and know that yelling and physical discipline does not work long term.


If you are interested in finding a long-term solution to behavioral issues please contact us today at 800-264-8709.


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