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Mark Davis, Science Teacher

Mark has a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Science Education with a concentration in Biology from Western Carolina University and a Master’s of Education from the University of South Carolina Upstate. He began his career in public school after a number of influential teachers in his youth inspired his love of science and the need to pass on that passion to future generations. He has experience teaching a variety of populations, including middle school, high school, and students with specific learning needs.

Mark is excited to be a part of a school whose primary focus is the wellbeing of its students. His intention as a science teacher is to help instill an understanding and appreciation of science in his students. Through the use of interactive labs and hands-on learning as much as possible, Mark hopes to erode the negative stigma around STEaM subjects and instill a love and curiosity about the natural world that students will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Science is the language of the universe. Understanding how the planets move, landscapes are formed, and organisms survive can truly impact one’s perception and instill a sense of appreciation for the vastness of our universe. Outside of school, Mark has several hobbies including building and painting models, reading and listening to audiobooks, and playing games, from tabletop games with friends such as D&D to video games. He enjoys spending time with wife, family, and friends, as well as hanging out with his four critters at home, Choji, Elvis, Freyja, and Luna.

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