Making A Difference: Five Benefits of Community Service for Young Girls

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy for your tween daughter to feel disconnected from everyday life. Getting her involved in extracurriculars like sports, theatre, and art can help her make friends and stay away from trouble. However, sometimes that’s not enough to boost her self confidence and sense of responsibility. Community service is a great way for your teen to get involved in helping the community, while promoting self growth.

Benefits of Community Service for Young Girls

Getting your daughter involved in community service at a young age can instill a sense of responsibility and self empowerment that only comes from helping others and making a difference in a community setting. Other benefits of community service for young girls include:

  • The value of sacrifice: By sacrificing clothes, toys, or other belongings that your daughter could use for herself to others in need, she is learning the value of sacrifice.  By sacrificing time she could be spending hanging out with friends   to help out in the community, she can see that there are more things more important than her immediate needs and wants.
  • The difference she can make in the world: Through community service, your daughter may come to the understanding that one person alone can make some sort of difference in the world. This is an powerful notion for her to understand at such an early age and can inspire her to continue participating in charitable acts later in life.
  • Exposure to diverse groups of people:  Through community service for young girls, your daughter will experience people and places she’d never get to meet and see otherwise. She will work with people from diverse backgrounds who have different life experiences than her, helping her learn that even people who come from different walks of life can share the same core values.
  • Help her start thinking about her future: Community service for young girls helps girls get interested in a specific job field that she might want to pursue in her future. For example, if your daughter is interested in science and anatomy, she can volunteer at a hospital or medical clinic to see what it’s like on a day to day basis. In a work environment, she can gain leadership skills and learn what it means to be a team player.
  • It will make her feel good about herself: Many tween girls have difficulties with self esteem and self confidence. By helping others, your daughter will feel like she’s doing something for the world, which will make her feel so much better about herself.

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