Love and Patience: Strengthening Communication with Your Teen

When your child makes the transition into a teenager, the first thing you may notice is their sudden secrecy and interest in privacy. In the old days, you scheduled their play dates, got to know the parents of their friends and knew every detail of your child’s life. But now, they’re becoming increasingly distant and secretive. You know virtually nothing about their lives. How in the world are you going to regain the connection that you seem to be losing? Strengthening communication with your teen is not an easy process, but it’s rewarding nonetheless.

Reconnecting with your teen 

  • Set a good example for them. If you’re behaving in a way that you’re telling your teen not to behave, they won’t listen to you. Be the best role model you can possibly be.
  • Listen more and talk less. In order for your communication to strengthen, you need to hear them out. This is the only way you can learn what’s going on in their lives.
  • Be a loving parent. Adolescence is a confusing time for everyone and teens need all the love they can get to help them through these difficult and trying years.
  • Give them privacy. Teens need the space they crave. This is the time for them to grow as individuals and they’ll need room for that.
  • Talk openly and honestly with them about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. Leaving out details can be damaging to them. Ignorance is NOT bliss.
  • Praise your teen, even for the smallest things. Teenagers often feel taken for granted and this is a way to avoid that.

Asheville Academy promotes communication between you and your teen through constant contact with your teen. We focus on bringing families back together through family therapy sessions and video conferences.
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