Learning the Importance of Community in Therapeutic Schools

team-1381084_1280_2A sense of community–even if very small–is an important part of thriving in life. It provides support in hard times and can even help you work through challenges when it seems too difficult on your own. Especially for teenagers, community allows them to learn social skills, boundaries, and respect for their peers. This is why the top therapeutic schools strive to incorporate community into their programming.

Why community is important in therapeutic schools

Research has shown that “empowering youth and allowing them the opportunity to participate in the community has shown to benefit their development greatly.” It has also shown that when youth get involved within their community, they gain a greater respect for the community as a whole and learn skills needed to become leaders in society.

You can see why top therapeutic schools would want to integrate this into their programming–it’s incredibly beneficial for youth development. By performing community service, such as planting trees and keeping the area clean, youth develop a sense of respect for the area and people around them.

Asheville Academy for Girl’s community

At Asheville Academy, one of the top therapeutic schools for girls, we understand that a strong sense of community is a large part of fostering growth and success in young girls. To do this, we not only create a safe, nurturing environment for girls to live in, but we go on outings into the surrounding community to help out and get involved.

As one of the leading therapeutic schools, we are involved with many organizations for volunteering, but we tend to focus on three main ones:

  1. Newborns in Need: This is a national organization that helps families with newborns or young children in poverty. To help out, our students create quilts by working with a local fabric artist. The quilts go to these families in need so that their infants and children have something to keep warm and be comforted.
  2. Craggy Mountain Line: This organization works to renovate 3-miles of a historic railway so it can continue to be used for educational and entertainment purposes. Our girls help out by painting picnic tables/fences, helping with railway car renovation, and shoveling gravel. During the winter, they help out with the Christmas events by singing in a choir!
  3. Animal Haven: As you may or may not know, unlike many therapeutic schools, at Asheville Academy we use many animals in our therapeutic process. Because of this, we thought it appropriate to help local animals in need. Our students visit Animal Haven and help with taking care of the animals and their habitats.

We’re here to help your family

Asheville Academy is one of leading therapeutic schools for young girls, ages 10-14, struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other behavioral or emotional issues.

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